Monday, 12 March 2012

That's Weird

There is always some skeleton hidden in folk’s cupboards that you’d be shocked to find out. You know, by day mild mannered accountant, by night stiletto wearing transvestite – but enough about me.

Its ok, I’m only joking. I couldn’t walk in stilettos.
But seriously, for a second at least. Where do all the really weird people in the world stem from? I’m not talking about mild deviants – hey each to their own, but the ridiculous ones where you are left speechless or just shake your head at.

I am so tempted here to go off on a tangent relating to everything of sexual nature but that’s not in keeping with the style on this blog. Although I’m sure your own brain is now racing through some impure thoughts or bizarre fetishes of your own.
What I intended to highlight was the more mundane and literally unbelievable stuff that I’ve found recently on the web.

I’m sure you have read about the strange woman who falls in lust with inanimate objects, and is currently besotted with the Statue of Liberty. Actually that is a sexual one, objectus something or other. Sounds like a Harry Potter spell. Another woman “married” the Eiffel tower a few years ago.
What possesses someone to collect belly button fluff or toe nail clippings?

I know hoarding can be a huge problem for some people and can understand to an extent why they want to retain objects that could be of future use, but collecting and retaining your own waste in various receptacles just does not smell right to me.
Phobias are another one, hey if you’re scared of spiders fair enough – but who the heck is scared of basketballs or cutlery, or more so why are they? I mean has a ball ever randomly attacked someone to their detriment, or a plastic fork ever impaled itself in someone’s jugular of its own accord.

Don’t even get me started on beliefs. I know there are some branches of mainstream religion that are on the edge of reason in the first place, but scientology. No sorry, not for me. If you want to dance round a ring of fire naked and chant pagan spells in your spare time, then each to their own, but I won’t be holding the chicken at the altar.
In the quest of trying to find what ‘normality’ means, it’s perhaps clearer than ever that no one really fits the mean curve on a graph. This is as true for our family as it is for others, particularly with autistic disorder in the household. I cannot legitimately draw judgement on anybody when I have had to accept my son will not eat two foods just because they are touching each other, or can’t cope even being near the berries on a bush because they are poisonous. Rationality doesn’t come into it.

All of these traits are extremes of human behaviour, perhaps emphasised by a medical or psychological condition. There are reasons and explanations behind them, whether we can relate to them or not.
People are strange.

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