Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The February Sunshine Award

…… a mantle that’s being passed around like the Olympic torch or the baton in a relay race, and I’m not going to be the one who drops it.

Having been selected by slightlysuburbandad, in order to complete my leg and head for gold medal status, I need to complete the following information and pass on to another 5 bloggers.

Favourite Colour:  When I was ten this was easy, it was red. Aberdeen played in red, Ferraris were red, simple. When you get older though, red becomes a bit disappointing. Red means stop, red means danger, red means you better get that checked out and don’t even mention red rags to bulls. In fact, the only redeeming factor about red these days is the special K lady. Her aside, I’m going to go for White. Controversial, I know but white is the enabler of all colours. White is responsible for all the variations on the Dulux colour chart and of course white light contains all the colours of the spectrum.

Favourite Animal: There are so many to choose from but I’m definitely not picking the Praying Mantas or any other female species who does away with their other half as soon as their use is done. I can see that particular gene starting to cross over to Human females (goes and runs for cover). I’m quite partial to the beauty of big cats, so will opt for Tiger. If for no other excuse than to use one of the all time classic chat up lines from the eighties. “What winks and goes like a Tiger?” ;-)

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: I could get drawn in to the whole Pepsi v Coke debate, but I’m not going to. I’ll pick Lemon Fanta. However, it must be the kind you get poured over ice on holiday, while sitting at the pool in Spain. it tastes so much better there.

Facebook or Twitter: If there was something called FaceTwit it would suit me down to the ground. I guess on Twitter any dodgy posts are soon confined to history, while Facebook kind of harbours your embarrassing photos (you know the semi naked ones from last weekend that seemed like a good idea at the time). So I’ll go for Twitter and I better go and delete those pics.

Favourite Number: Is of course 7 if you have read any of my mysterious posts, you will understand. Other than that ‘Google’ is by far the most useful number ever.

Favourite Day of The Week: Has to be Saturday, just because of that extra hour in bed in the morning and the fact I don’t have to go to work. Mind you it’s a double edged sword because a hangover is never far away.

My Passion: Apart from the special K lady and Emma Forbes, it would have to be red wine, in moderation of course, but only cause it gives you a beast of a hangover. Don’t mix your drinks – that’s good advice.

Getting or Giving Presents: I like to give but am also partial to receiving too. However I’m such a procrastinator that I can never make up my mind what to ask for xmas or birthday presents and end up getting things I don’t really want. Giving is good.

Favourite Pattern: Hmmm, not being an interior designer I was scratching my head for a bit. I have to consider Tartan as I’m from Scotland, but it’s not that great. I’m going to go all leftfield on you and choose something called "Fractals" which are a mathematic / scientific pattern occurring where as you zoom further and further in, the pattern repeats and is quite mesmerizing.

Favourite Flower: Usually my association with flowers has been to spend an enormous amount of money on a bunch and send to the missus, who immediately knows I am guilty of some wrongdoing (unless we’ve just had a baby - and that’s only happened twice). I could pick something manly like a Cactus or go all out rare Wild Orchid on you, but that wouldn’t be true to my roots. I will have to honour my country and choose the Thistle – its compulsory or I’ll be deported if we ever gain independence.

Now its over to you lot. Your mission. should you choose to accept it is to replicate the award and pass on to other deserving individuals. This message will self destruct in sixty seconds…….59,…….58,……

its not compulsory, but join in if you would like to ;-)


  1. I think Spain is possibly the only acceptable place ON EARTH to drink Lemon Fanta! Great post ;)

  2. Whoo I love lemon fanta in spain :) thanks for the mention :)

  3. Rats, how did you manage to work such wit into such flimsy prompts! Fear you've set the bar too high, but I'' try to deserve your kind favour!

  4. Excellent job :-) knew you wouldn't let me down!

  5. You're all too kind, and I'm glad there are other like mined lemon fanta fans around !

  6. You passion is the Special K lady? Now that is unusual - there must be an explanation somewhere on your blog? *goes off to hunt it down* Thanks so much for this award, I know I have a few to do, but I always like being given them xx